Beauty is Power – by Dr. Luciano

Brazil’s Long History of Beauty and Youthfulness

Beauty is Power is a statement that is accepted by many cultures, and some people would say it is undisputed or even undeniable. In our culture, Beauty is powerful: it may open the doors not only to personal but also to professional opportunities.

When we first hear the term Beauty is Power, the immediate assumption is that the beauty described refers to outer beauty at the expense of inner elegance. But why must we distinguish between the two? Research has demonstrated that the lack of a positive attitude is associated with an inability to flourish. Likewise poor health habits affecting our inner body soon become evident on the outside as well. In contrast, we all can appreciate the feelings enjoyed when we are fashionably dressed, physically attractive and sexually appealing. These are just as much an ingredient to empowerment as is spirituality, optimism and inner courage. Brazilians have long realized this as an important ingredient to human success and they see health, beauty, and youthfulness as the three sides of a holistic triangle applicable to everyone.

Brazilian Beauty Secrets for Staying Young are buried deep in a culture that celebrates life, passion, freedom and individualism. In this book, such Brazilian beauty secrets are uncovered and shared with you, making it well within the reach of everyone regardless of age or gender.